How To Move During A Pandemic?

How To Move During A Pandemic?

Although moving was a stressful task, the pandemic has made it even more difficult. Whether you plan to move on your own or hire a professional team to help you, the risk of getting infected is equal in both cases. However, moving on your own would make it even tougher. You have to be attentive and follow some of the safety measures in both cases. If you are planning a move and at the same time concerned about safety and wellbeing during this time, we have some tips and tricks to help you get through this. Some removalists like OZ Interstate Removalists have complete knowledge and experience to move and pack your essentials during this risky time of the pandemic. Our professionals have dealt with hundreds of moves during the virus and ensured every move to be contactless and secure for our valued consumers and our professional staff. This blog will discuss some directions regarding moving during COVID-19 to dismiss myths and encourage the safest possible moves.

Check The Moving Restrictions By Higher Authorities

It is very important to follow local authorities’ guidelines to move uninterruptedly. Make sure that all the people involved in the process of moving and packing are adhering to the Covid-19 safety measures. Check all the restrictions and guidelines imposed by local government officials in your area and the new residence you are about to move to. All these steps will assist you in moving freely without any government interruption.

Choose The Safest Mode Of Conveyance

The safest mode to relocate during a pandemic is using your own private vehicle. The risk of getting infected increases in public transport.

Choose The Safest Mode Of Conveyance

Clean your car properly and also ensure that the moving company you have hired is using clean and fully sanitized vehicles to move your belongings. Some things like wet wipes, face masks, hand sanitizer should be handy with you. Also, keep all the documents like vaccination certificates, self-declaration forms, etc., with you. If you’re traveling with your belongings, you can protect them by sanitizing them and letting them apart for a few days after you arrive. Clean your car properly after relocating because there’s a chance the virus has contaminated it.

Hire A Relocation Company That Adheres To Covid-19 Regulations

It is highly recommended to move with a company that is very particular to follow the safety measures in the pandemic. Relocation Companies were one of the most highly affected business sectors during the pandemic. Ask the professionals to strictly adhere to the covid-19 protocols for the safety and well-being of the company and the client. Try to maintain social distance with the movers while packing and relocating essentials, frequently sanitize your hands, belongings and vehicles you are moving in, wearing face masks, gloves, PPE kits, etc., is significant for both the moving companies and clients. All these safety measures will help you to move and pack safely. OZ Interstate Removalists offers professional and experienced services during the Covid-19 to provide safe and secure move to its valued clients.

Opt for Plastic Totes Over Cardboard Boxes

Choosing plastic boxes over cardboard ones is another trick to move safely during the pandemic. Even though plastic totes may increase your moving budget, they are easy to clean, store, and unpack.

Plastic Totes

You can sanitize these totes using clothes, sprays, etc. Also, you can store them for a long time. Plastics totes are safer to move your belongings as they are waterproof, less prone to insects, durable and reusable.

Pack An Exceptional Moving Backpack For COVID-19

It is always a wise decision to keep a bag of essentials handy while moving. This will lower the chances of becoming infected with the virus. Make sure to keep essentials like face masks, sanitizers, important documents, sufficient water and eatables for the whole day while moving and packing. Visiting and contacting different grocery stores can increase the chances of getting infected. Using a face mask and maintaining social distance during the process must be mandatory.

Ask For Virtual Quotes

In this era of technology, where everything is operated virtually, asking for moving quotations from the relocation firm is another safety measure you can follow to make a safe move during the move. Using apps like skype, FaceTime to show your house virtually to professionals instead of asking them to visit your place would be a wise decision in these times. Try to complete all the documentation and payment process online. The less you contact anyone, the safer you are during the pandemic.

Follow Covid-19 Protocols Before Leaving Old Place & Arriving At New House

Removalists and house owners should follow all updated rules and regulations related to Covid-19.

Follow Covid-19 Protocols Before Leaving Old Place & Arriving At New House

All travel guidelines should be practiced so that no inconvenience occurs at any moving stage. Professional movers wear masks, sanitize their hands after a certain interval and remain equipped with protective equipment. If any of the employees experience any symptoms of Covid, they are advised to take a rest and get a medical check-up. To stop the spread of the virus, you should avoid any contact with movers. After packing all the belongings, movers sanitize every box and moving van to avoid transmission of the virus. Also, proper vaccination should be done before moving. After reaching the destination, you should sanitize all packing boxes. Also, if you have moved overseas in the past weeks, you should communicate this with your movers to make a safe and stress-free move.

Get Quarantined After Move & Get Tested

After you have moved following all the above Covid-19 protocols, there’s still a chance of getting infected during the entire process. It is highly recommended to stay quarantined with your family for some days after you have moved to your new house. Intake proper diet for boosting your immune system. Get yourself tested for covid-19 and sanitize your house and belongings before assembling them. Social distancing is the key to avoid this deadly virus.


All the above safety measures will help you move safely in this time of pandemics. These guidelines will help you consider every factor that ensures your safety and wellbeing. Moving in times of Covid-19 is extremely daunting, but with professional movers and packers like us who are well-aware of all the pandemic protocols, you can make your stress-free and smooth. Contact OZ Interstate Removalists and book a planned and comfortable move. Stay safe and keep moving with OZ Interstate Removalists.

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    How Can Backloading Help You Save Money When Relocating?

    How Can Backloading Help You Save Money When Relocating?

    How Can Backloading Help You Save Money When Relocating?

    The process of looking for a new place to live can be exciting, but it can also be stressful. And that’s before you even consider relocating from one home to the next. However, relocating does not have to be a disturbing or expensive experience. In truth, there are a number of simple solutions to cut your moving costs without having to do everything yourself. We can assist you if you’re seeking a removalist and are unsure what backload moving entails. We’ll explain what backloading is and how it can save you money when you move in this blog post. The best Interstate removalists in Australia can provide cost-effective interstate backloading services to make your move smoother, whether you’re moving from Melbourne, Brisbane, or Adelaide to Sydney or any city in between.

    Backloading service is way more economical than a regular removalist service. A regular removalist service offers you a complete pack of services which includes planning, packing, loading, unloading and unpacking. While backloading services means using the same truck or van which is returning from the last job. In simple terms, it means sharing a moving vehicle with someone heading to the same route or place. This will not only save your money but will be feasible in terms of effort and time. Backloading refers to a removalist company’s ability to make the best use of its customers’ time, space, and services.

    How Is Backloading Beneficial Than Regular Removal Services?

    The major advantage of backloading is that it is far less expensive for the consumer than hiring a standard removalist. Backloading is one of the most cost-effective choices for interstate relocation. You can save money on backloading by using a truck returning from a completed task or sharing space with another person’s belongings.

    Backloading is also more environmentally beneficial than leasing a new truck because you’re using a truck already at your location and returning to your final destination. Backloading is a wonderful alternative for individuals concerned about their environmental impact.

    Another advantage of hiring pros and backloading is that you won’t have to worry about moving your belongings yourself. Moving can be stressful whether you’re moving to a modest one-bedroom apartment or a big house. And, in other circumstances, if you try to lift big goods too hard, you might damage yourself. This is why enlisting the help of specialists rather than attempting to handle everything yourself is a much better alternative.

    On the other hand, backloading means you may not be able to schedule a specific time slot. You normally don’t receive the choice to arrange a certain moving time because you’re not scheduling the service for yourself but rather relying on someone else’s job being completed on time. The move before yours may be completed ahead of schedule or delayed.

    Backloading- A Correct Choice?

    Interstate move is usually a demanding task and requires a proper plan or checklist for moving interstate before you finally move in order to avoid stress or hassle. The cost calculation of the backloading service is very different from the regular removal service. The cost of backloading services is usually estimated on the basis of the number of goods to be relocated, which may be the number of boxes, the quantity of furniture, the size of other essentials, etc. The cost of this service is usually less than full-time removal services. If you are making an interstate move, whether residential or commercial, backloading can prove to be a great alternative for you in terms of cost, effort and is also an eco-friendly choice to go for if you are concerned about the environment. We understand the challenges of moving and packing your house and office and aim to provide you with alternatives that best suit your budget, schedule, and requirement. OZ Interstate Removalists have been working in the moving industry for years. We have a professional and skilled staff who continuously research the needs and preferences of the consumers and focus on making solutions to those problems.


    Even if you don’t require further assistance before or after the relocation, we can provide you with the necessary packing goods.

    You can hire our specialized plastic moving boxes from OZ Interstate Removalist Adelaide for total convenience and peace of mind. These plastic moving boxes may be readily stacked, are weather-resistant, and are environmentally friendly, among other things. OZ Interstate Removalist is here to assist you, no matter how big or small your move is or where you want to go. Get in touch with us and book a stress-free and effective interstate or intrastate move.

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      When booking furniture movers, How Can You Avoid Paying Extra Fees?

      When booking furniture movers, How Can You Avoid Paying Extra Fees?

      When booking furniture movers

      It can be challenging to move your furniture around, and that is why using the services of a professional removalist is usually a good idea. However, these services may end up costing you a little more than you anticipated. So, how might extra charges be avoided when booking furniture removals? The answer is OZ Interstate Removalists. Removalists, like other services, can occasionally contain hidden fees. Understanding these fees will allow you to more accurately budget for your removalist services.

      Charges For Inconvenient Locations

      If you’re moving furniture to a high-rise building or an apartment complex, check with your removalists to see if there’s an additional payment. Moving your equipment across floors may incur more costs because it requires more time and effort on the part of the movers.

      Charge For A Long Time

      This is the fee charged by movers for transporting furniture over a considerable distance.

      Charge For A Long Time

      Typically, furniture removal services charge for a specific distance that the table will be transported, plus any additional costs.

      Charges Are Applied On Heavy Items

      Do you have any hefty objects that need to be handled differently? Check with your removalist to see if there is an additional charge for hauling these large objects. Typically, there will be an additional charge for these, especially if you require specialized protection for them.

      Do All Of Your Homework

      Overall, it’s critical to conduct thorough research before hiring a furniture moving company. Requesting an estimate and information on any applicable extra fees is one smart technique to deal with this. You can rely on OZ Interstate Removalists as an expert furniture mover. 

      All of our prices are upfront and honest. Get in touch with us at 1800 845 100 or send us an email through our contact page to make a reservation.

      What Exactly Are The Responsibilities Of Moving And Packing Firms?

      One of the most critical roles of Packers and Movers in Melbourne is to ensure the safety of items during the packing, transporting, and unpacking processes. Moving businesses cannot overlook the importance of time. Delays due to technical issues, routes, and weather conditions can be considered as long as you are informed about your move.

      Responsibilities Of Moving And Packing Firms

      Check for the insurance policies and complete services of the moving company booked by you to ensure safety of your goods. Customers’ questions and demands for packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading must be addressed by Packers and Movers.

      A Number Of Things Influences Moving Costs!

      The cost of the relocation is determined by a number of criteria, including the distance travelled, the weight of the package, and any other value-added services selected. Remember that these fees are not fixed; instead, they likely depend on your ability to negotiate. Before you engage the best OZ Interstate Removalists, you should know that moving costs are affordable and inexpensive.

      As a customer, it is your responsibility to check the Movers and Packers agency’s records and certificates before booking your move with them and assigning the work. Apart from that, there are a few factors you should think about and investigate before choosing the best Packers and Movers in Melbourne for your house, business, or car transportation needs throughout Melbourne and across Australia. OZ Interstate Removalists aims to provide the best services to its valued clients at reasonable prices making the move smooth and comfortable.

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        How Much Does It Cost To Move Interstate?

        How Much Does It Cost To Move Interstate?

        Moving is not something that individuals encounter frequently. Various kinds of uncertainty are involved while moving from one place to another. One of the bigger factors considered is the cost. Most individuals are not aware of how much they will be paying or what hidden costs need to be paid at the end of the service. The cost of moving interstate adds up quickly, so you need to be careful while selecting the interstate removalists company.

        You can check out this handy price guide for moving to the interstate.

        We have also described some of the moving tips by which you can save your money while moving interstate.

        So be with us at the end to get the complete overview.

        Factors Responsible for Interstate Moving Cost


        If you are planning a long-distance move, then you will require that every object should get packed correctly to avoid damage, whether it is a simple box or heavy electrical equipment. The cost charged by moving professionals will be according to company standard prices. It also gets up with the assembling and dismantling of the heavy furniture.

        Distance To Be Covered

        If the moving distance is more than the cost of relocation will be according to that. The moving company will decide the cost on the basis of the fuel charge and labour cost that will be utilized during the travelling time. So the greater the distance, the more money you will be paying for your move.


        If you have to travel with valuable items, then it is important that you check the insurance coverage. Most of the removalists’ companies do not cover the damage caused to the objects; thus, in that case, it is better to go with third-party insurance. You need to take pictures of all the belongings so that you can claim insurance in case of any mishap.

        It is quite convenient to hold and store all belongings during, before or after the move, at the storage room, especially for those who have to cover long distances. But for this convenience, you have to pay some money. The cost of storing goods varies from company to company. So it’s your responsibility that you should ask your removalist company about the storage option.

        Size Of Move

        If you have moved prior with the moving company, then they must have asked you about the size of your belongings that have to be moved. The volume of the objects has a huge impact on cost as the size of the moving truck will be decided on the basis of the size of the move. Along with the weight of the move, your address also contributes to increasing the moving cost. If your address is hard to navigate, then moving professionals will demand more money as they also have to face difficulty in searching your location.

        Moving Interstate To And From Adelaide

        Depending upon the destination, the removalists either move your belongings by truck or by rail. The cost of an interstate move is mostly calculated on the basis of the volume of belongings and what space they are going to take in the moving van. Its measurement is done in terms of cubic meters (m3). The difficulty to pick up and drop off from the location.

        Moving Interstate

        You might be knowing about the cubic meter, which is the measurement of volume. The object that is one meter in-depth, one meter in height and the same in width then contributes to one cubic meter.

        Home Size Recommended Space Required

        Here we provide you with the general idea of what can be the cubic meter for standard residence size.

        Size Cubic Meters (M3)
        Studio apartment 10-14 m3
        1-room house 18-20 m3
        2-room apartment 30-38 m3
        3-room house 35-40 m3
        4-room house 40-45 m3

        However, you should not consider this as the exact measurement. It is only for providing rough ideas.

        Cost Of Moving From Adelaide To Melbourne

        It is very common that the cost of moving varies from company to company. However, you can consider the average moving cost for Adelaide to Melbourne to move near about $105 per cubic meter.

        House Size Cost Range
        Studio apartment $900 – $1100
        1 bedroom apartment $1204 – $1880
        2 bedroom apartment $2005 – $2500
        3 bedroom apartment $2924 – $4000
        Cost Of Moving From Adelaide To Sydney

        Depending upon the size of the residence, the cost of moving from Adelaide to Sydney is as follows.

        House Size Cost Range
        Studio apartment $800- $900
        1-bedroom apartment $1200- $1,400
        2 bedroom apartment $1500- $1,900
        3-bedroom apartment $2200-$2,600

        These are only estimated costs, not the fixed ones.

        Cost Of Moving From Adelaide To Brisbane

        So what amount would you be willing to pay to move from Adelaide to Brisbane?

        Have a look at our approximate pricing based on the size of the house.

        House Size Cost Range
        Studio apartment $800-$1,000
        1-bedroom house $1200-$1560
        2-bedroom house $2500-$2,800
        3-bedroom house $3000-$3,800
        4-bedroom house $4000- $5000
        Cost Of Moving From Adelaide To Perth

        Depending on your home size, you have to pay the interstate relocation cost.

        House Size Cost Range
        Studio apartment $1000-$1,300
        1-bedroom house $1500-$1800
        2-bedroom house $3000-$3,500
        3-bedroom house $4000- $5,000
        4-bedroom house $5,000- $5500

        We are requesting you not to consider all these costs as the final one. These are just about numbers so that you can plan your budget according to that.

        How Can You Minimize The Moving Cost?

        Try To Pack Yourself

        Yes, it is true that a professional packing service is effective in saving your energy and time, but sorry, it will not save your money. There are certain packing rates that you will be paying for enjoying the service. Thus, if you are on a tight budget, then we will recommend you to pack your belongings on your own. You can take help from your friends, family and relatives to pack your belongings.

        Select The Right Move Date

        The date you will choose to relocate will surely make a big difference in your interstate moving cost. If you are flexible with your moving date and time, then you should go with mid dates, either it is of the week, month or year. During these times, the demand for the moving companies is less, and thus costs will also remain low. We all understand that moving on the weekend is convenient, but you should keep in mind that there will be a limited number of movers on that day as most of the individuals will like to move on the weekend. Thus if you want to cut down your interstate move, then you should avoid moving during peak seasons, if possible.

        Reduce Your Belongings

        It is very common that a large amount of stuff will add more cost to your move. So if you want to complete your move without much cost, then you should trim down your belongings as much as possible. You can discard damaged objects or donate undesired items to needy people. Also, you can check out our How to Have a Stress-Free Moving Experience blog.

        Dismantle And Reassemble Ownself

        If possible, then you should assemble and dismantle all heavy furniture from your own side. It will save your cost on relocation. The removalists charge on the basis of the hours; thus, if they are spending more hours at your location, then you have to pay more to them. Thus you should try to do it yourself.

        Right Way To Get The Reliable Moving Company That Is Competitive

        Now we assume that you have got an idea what will be the average cost you have to pay for your removal services. And you might be looking for removalists that are suitable for your budget, but from where to start? You can start your search with search engine giant, Google but then also it is not easy to get the right and reliable company. If you decide on the basis of reviews, then please ensure that no company is perfect, so don’t go with the 100% 5 star rated reviews. You can read the reviews, and you will get the idea that either it is fake or real. Check out our What to Look for While Hiring the Interstate Removalists blog for better understanding.


        You should end your search for the best interstate removalists some days prior to your move to remain away from the last minute rushed decision. You should organize each and everything in the right manner so that relocation can be done smoothly. In case if you don’t manage to get your removalists, then you can contact OZ Interstate Removalists. We are always available to help you to make your move smooth and stress-free. We would love to provide you with free quotes. Thus, to get a free quote, you can get in touch with us today.

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          Professional Melbourne to Perth Removalists – Affordable & Quick Interstate Removal

          Looking for someone that can help you in moving from Melbourne to Perth? If yes, then OZ Interstate Removalists is the best choice for you. We have well-experienced and skilled movers with us that will provide you the best and stress-free move from Melbourne to Perth. Your big move will become simple and easy by hiring the professionals of OZ Interstate Removalists. Our movers maintain the proper coordination with the clients so that no miscommunication or trouble arises. We ensure that everything reaches the destination without any damage.

          Professional and Experienced Staff

          With years of experience, we know the best way to handle the interstate house move. We offer complete care from the first object to the last one. Everything will be managed with complete professionalism.
          Fully Insured

          Insurance Covered

          We offer complete transit and storage insurance. You will get peace of mind with the professionals of OZ Interstate Removalist. All your fragile items will be in safe hands with us.
          Fully Insured

          Fast & Safe

          The professionals of OZ Interstate Removalists offer fast and secure moving from Melbourne to Perth and Perth to Melbourne. Our professionals know the right way to deliver your belongings to the destination quickly.

          Get Your Move Where You Want It, Use Mover.

          Stop Interstate Moving Shop

          We Are your One-Stop Interstate Moving Shop.

          OZ Interstate Removalist offers complete moving solutions. You will get all your requirements fulfilled by hiring our experts. We have served hundreds of Australian businesses to relocate from or to Melbourne. You will feel satisfied by seeing our moving expertise. Our movers give you the confidence and assurance that your precious treasures will be safely delivered and on time. You will find our interstate moving service easy and suitable for your pocket.

          We aim to present an efficient, friendly service to all clients. We work 365 days a year, so we can also accommodate house moving requests on weekends at no extra charge. We have a large fleet of cargo movers, and we never hand over your valuable belongings to third party transporters. Our majority of customers have rated our Melbourne to Perth moving services as “Good” and “Excellent.”

          Our highly trained staff completes all tasks with complete responsibility. The best packages are offered to the clients by our great team. We will provide you with other support services on the requirement. Feel free to give us a call at 1800 845 100.

          Melbourne to Perth with Complete Professionalism and Care

          Our honest and hardworking staff aims to deliver the right service during every move. We are always ready to serve our customers with the customized plan so that they get the most satisfactory service. You do not have to worry about any object after hiring our professionals. We do our work with complete responsibility so that you can do your other important work. All our interstate moving services are budget-friendly.

          We can bet no other interstate removalist company can offer the prices that match ours without compromising quality. Our expert furniture, home, and office movers have the ability to perform every move with complete professionalism. Our Melbourne to Perth removalists own specialized gear to move heavy items. We use the protective covering to protect your furniture from scratches.

          We can plan your move on the day that suits you the most if we are available on that day. You will always have peace of mind after hiring our best removalists. You can contact us easily by calling on 1800 845 100. We are just one call away.

          Professional mover

          What Set OZ Interstate Removalists Apart From Others?

          Our moving professionals handle every work with complete dedication and commitment.

          Customer care

          Right Communication

          We keep informing our clients about every moving task so that their anxiety and stress get reduced. Our customer service is exceptional. Our movers will give you the time to time update about the status of the work. You will not receive any miscommunication from our side. If we are facing any issues, then we will also convey the same to you.

          Competitive Pricing

          Our prices for residential moving or office relocation is very competitive. We offer the best service at the most reasonable value. Our moving cost will not burn a hole in your pocket. Quality of service is not negotiated at any cost. Also, we do not have any hidden cost to attract the customers in the beginning and surprise them at the completion of work.
          Customer care

          Experience And Expertise

          The experience and expertise of the OZ Interstate Removalists is the main factor that sets them different from others. We hold the right expertise to move you easily from Melbourne to Perth. You can easily count on our team for the hassle-free move. Your personal belongings will be delivered safely and on time.

          Worry-Free Interstate Removalists

          You will get the best cartons, packing material, and everything required to pack your valuable possessions. We do the right packing of the furniture by disassembling them. You can easily request us for the quotation of the interstate office and home relocation. Our professionals provide complete attention to your delicate objects during transit. Based on the weight and size of the load and considering your other requirements, we offer a customized removalists interstate package at the best price. Our specialized equipment can move your furniture and heavy items easily from staircases.

          Solutions that you Deserve

          Besides moving your goods to other states, we also offer packing and unpacking services, loading and unloading services. We can customize our Melbourne to Perth move as per the requirement of the client. We can also do unpacking and assembling of your furniture. Our staff will resolve all your queries to make you feel satisfied before leaving your place. We have specialized trolleys and gear to lift such heavy items. Our specially designed trolleys are designed to move heavy items on wooden floors without damaging the wooden floor or the walls. Our staff also helps in settling you down at the new place.

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