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How Much Does An Interstate Removalists Cost?
On average, interstate removalists’ cost lies in between $2,400 – $6000 for a three-bedroom house move. The cost is decided on the basis of several other factors. So in mind that it is not the final cost. The cost of interstate moving depends on the distance, time, weather, and items that have to be transported. If it consists of more fragile items, then you have to pay more. Interstate moving is somehow costlier than local moving.
How Long Does It Take To Move My Objects Interstate?
The minimum days that are required for moving interstate includes 5 to 10 days. The actual transit time may vary with this interval. Right weather and mechanical factors help in reducing the number of days in transit. For further information, you can contact your interstate removalists.
How Do You Handle Precious And Delicate Items During Interstate Moves?
OZ Interstate Removalists pay proper attention to your valuable treasure. After booking us, your goods will be our responsibility, and we manage our responsibility very well. At the time of packing, we use industrial-strength bubble wrap for padding and wrapping the fragile items. We also label the boxes that have delicate items so that nothing will go wrong at unpacking.
Do You Provide Storage For My Belongings During Relocation From One State To Another?
OZ Interstate Removalists offer the proper storage facility to the clients so that they can store their belongings during the move. Your belongings will be safe at that temporary place. We store everything with proper care so that no damage would occur.
How Is Oz Interstate Removalist Different From Other Removalist Companies?
By hiring the professionals of OZ Interstate Removalists, you will see the difference. We have well qualified and skilled movers that put all their efforts into making every move successful and comfortable for the client. We do not have any hidden charge to impress you at the beginning of the work and surprise you at the completion of work.
Do You Move Large Items Of Furniture Such As Wardrobes, Pool Tables Safely?
Yes, with complete safety, we move all furniture. In some cases, we may require additional equipment or specialist help, and it may incur additional fees. But do not worry, we will detail such fees in a written quote.
How Can I Contact You?
OZ Interstate Removalists offers an easy and hassle-free booking process. You can give us a call at 1800 845 100. Also, you can fill our Contact Us form with complete information. Our representatives will reach back to you within minutes.
Is It Safe To Move Interstate In This Pandemic?
Yes, it is completely safe now to move from one state to another. Professionals of OZ Interstate Removalists follow all the safety measures. We use a PPE kit, sanitizer and maintain the proper distance so that no chance of virus spread would take place. You can hire our movers without any tension.
Can You Move My Pets Interstate?
Yes, OZ Interstate Removalists offers the moving of pets with complete care. We take care of your pets while moving. You can trust us easily for the relocation of your lovely pets.
Do You Provide Interstate Office Relocation Service?
Yes, professionals of OZ Interstate Removalists offer the best interstate office relocation service. You have to book your appointment with us by calling on 1800 845 100. We will guide you with complete information about our services and other moving processes.
How Can I Prevent My Things From Being Damaged When Moving Interstate?
The right way of packing ensures the safety of your belongings. If you have packed every object with the best quality packing material, you will not find any object broken or ruptured. Professionals of OZ Interstate Removalists guarantee the best packing of the fragile items and ensure no damage to your belongings.
Does Oz Interstate Removalists Provide After Hours Or Weekend Removal Service?
Yes, OZ Interstate Removalists offers after-hours and weekend removals services. We are always available at your convenience. Depending upon the client’s requirement and situation, we provide our moves after business hours on the weekdays and weekends.
Your Interstate Moves Seem Much Quicker Than Other Removalists. Why Is This So?
The most obvious reason is that we understand the value of time. No one loves any delayed work; thus, we complete all our tasks on time. All our staff are punctual and disciplined. We follow the best and traffic-free road for the delivery of your goods and thus results in the super quick move. We also do not follow the double handling system for moving the goods.
What Things Are Not Allowed To Store In Storage During The Interstate Move?
There are some things that are not perishable in the storage area. These include toxic and flammable items, food, plants, fuel, gases, paints, poisons, aerosol sprays, money, and securities. These things are not allowed to store in the storage area.
Is Your Company Properly Licensed?
Yes, OZ Interstate Removalist is a well-known moving company that is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). We also have a valid ABN (Australian Business Number) for legitimate moving work.
Do You Provide Same Day Moving Service?
OZ Interstate Removalists offer same day service in case of emergency. You can give us a call at 1800 845 100 for booking information. If we are available on the day you call, we will be happy to help you out.

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