How Much Does It Cost To Move Interstate?

Moving is not something that individuals encounter frequently. Various kinds of uncertainty are involved while moving from one place to another. One of the bigger factors considered is the cost. Most individuals are not aware of how much they will be paying or what hidden costs need to be paid at the end of the service. The cost of moving interstate adds up quickly, so you need to be careful while selecting the interstate removalists company.

You can check out this handy price guide for moving to the interstate.

We have also described some of the moving tips by which you can save your money while moving interstate.

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Factors Responsible for Interstate Moving Cost


If you are planning a long-distance move, then you will require that every object should get packed correctly to avoid damage, whether it is a simple box or heavy electrical equipment. The cost charged by moving professionals will be according to company standard prices. It also gets up with the assembling and dismantling of the heavy furniture.

Distance To Be Covered

If the moving distance is more than the cost of relocation will be according to that. The moving company will decide the cost on the basis of the fuel charge and labour cost that will be utilized during the travelling time. So the greater the distance, the more money you will be paying for your move.


If you have to travel with valuable items, then it is important that you check the insurance coverage. Most of the removalists’ companies do not cover the damage caused to the objects; thus, in that case, it is better to go with third-party insurance. You need to take pictures of all the belongings so that you can claim insurance in case of any mishap.

It is quite convenient to hold and store all belongings during, before or after the move, at the storage room, especially for those who have to cover long distances. But for this convenience, you have to pay some money. The cost of storing goods varies from company to company. So it’s your responsibility that you should ask your removalist company about the storage option.

Size Of Move

If you have moved prior with the moving company, then they must have asked you about the size of your belongings that have to be moved. The volume of the objects has a huge impact on cost as the size of the moving truck will be decided on the basis of the size of the move. Along with the weight of the move, your address also contributes to increasing the moving cost. If your address is hard to navigate, then moving professionals will demand more money as they also have to face difficulty in searching your location.

Moving Interstate To And From Adelaide

Depending upon the destination, the removalists either move your belongings by truck or by rail. The cost of an interstate move is mostly calculated on the basis of the volume of belongings and what space they are going to take in the moving van. Its measurement is done in terms of cubic meters (m3). The difficulty to pick up and drop off from the location.

Moving Interstate

You might be knowing about the cubic meter, which is the measurement of volume. The object that is one meter in-depth, one meter in height and the same in width then contributes to one cubic meter.

Home Size Recommended Space Required

Here we provide you with the general idea of what can be the cubic meter for standard residence size.

Size Cubic Meters (M3)
Studio apartment 10-14 m3
1-room house 18-20 m3
2-room apartment 30-38 m3
3-room house 35-40 m3
4-room house 40-45 m3

However, you should not consider this as the exact measurement. It is only for providing rough ideas.

Cost Of Moving From Adelaide To Melbourne

It is very common that the cost of moving varies from company to company. However, you can consider the average moving cost for Adelaide to Melbourne to move near about $105 per cubic meter.

House Size Cost Range
Studio apartment $900 – $1100
1 bedroom apartment $1204 – $1880
2 bedroom apartment $2005 – $2500
3 bedroom apartment $2924 – $4000
Cost Of Moving From Adelaide To Sydney

Depending upon the size of the residence, the cost of moving from Adelaide to Sydney is as follows.

House Size Cost Range
Studio apartment $800- $900
1-bedroom apartment $1200- $1,400
2 bedroom apartment $1500- $1,900
3-bedroom apartment $2200-$2,600

These are only estimated costs, not the fixed ones.

Cost Of Moving From Adelaide To Brisbane

So what amount would you be willing to pay to move from Adelaide to Brisbane?

Have a look at our approximate pricing based on the size of the house.

House Size Cost Range
Studio apartment $800-$1,000
1-bedroom house $1200-$1560
2-bedroom house $2500-$2,800
3-bedroom house $3000-$3,800
4-bedroom house $4000- $5000
Cost Of Moving From Adelaide To Perth

Depending on your home size, you have to pay the interstate relocation cost.

House Size Cost Range
Studio apartment $1000-$1,300
1-bedroom house $1500-$1800
2-bedroom house $3000-$3,500
3-bedroom house $4000- $5,000
4-bedroom house $5,000- $5500

We are requesting you not to consider all these costs as the final one. These are just about numbers so that you can plan your budget according to that.

How Can You Minimize The Moving Cost?

Try To Pack Yourself

Yes, it is true that a professional packing service is effective in saving your energy and time, but sorry, it will not save your money. There are certain packing rates that you will be paying for enjoying the service. Thus, if you are on a tight budget, then we will recommend you to pack your belongings on your own. You can take help from your friends, family and relatives to pack your belongings.

Select The Right Move Date

The date you will choose to relocate will surely make a big difference in your interstate moving cost. If you are flexible with your moving date and time, then you should go with mid dates, either it is of the week, month or year. During these times, the demand for the moving companies is less, and thus costs will also remain low. We all understand that moving on the weekend is convenient, but you should keep in mind that there will be a limited number of movers on that day as most of the individuals will like to move on the weekend. Thus if you want to cut down your interstate move, then you should avoid moving during peak seasons, if possible.

Reduce Your Belongings

It is very common that a large amount of stuff will add more cost to your move. So if you want to complete your move without much cost, then you should trim down your belongings as much as possible. You can discard damaged objects or donate undesired items to needy people. Also, you can check out our How to Have a Stress-Free Moving Experience blog.

Dismantle And Reassemble Ownself

If possible, then you should assemble and dismantle all heavy furniture from your own side. It will save your cost on relocation. The removalists charge on the basis of the hours; thus, if they are spending more hours at your location, then you have to pay more to them. Thus you should try to do it yourself.

Right Way To Get The Reliable Moving Company That Is Competitive

Now we assume that you have got an idea what will be the average cost you have to pay for your removal services. And you might be looking for removalists that are suitable for your budget, but from where to start? You can start your search with search engine giant, Google but then also it is not easy to get the right and reliable company. If you decide on the basis of reviews, then please ensure that no company is perfect, so don’t go with the 100% 5 star rated reviews. You can read the reviews, and you will get the idea that either it is fake or real. Check out our What to Look for While Hiring the Interstate Removalists blog for better understanding.


You should end your search for the best interstate removalists some days prior to your move to remain away from the last minute rushed decision. You should organize each and everything in the right manner so that relocation can be done smoothly. In case if you don’t manage to get your removalists, then you can contact OZ Interstate Removalists. We are always available to help you to make your move smooth and stress-free. We would love to provide you with free quotes. Thus, to get a free quote, you can get in touch with us today.

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