How to Move a Sofa Through a Small Door

How to Move a Sofa Through a Small Door
Sofa moves are not that hard to learn how to do, but if you think that it is all about jumping on the sofa or sitting on the sofa and then just letting it roll around, then you are sadly mistaken. The most important thing in how to move a sofa through a door is having the right tools. If you have the wrong tools, you will find that the sofa will be very uncomfortable; worse, it could also cause some very real damage to your walls and furniture.

In this article, I am going to give you all the necessary information on what you should be looking for when it comes to moving a sofa through a door.

Measure First 

Many people have asked me this question: How do I know how long to measure the sofa through a door before moving it in? The answer is simple: You should always measure the opening of the door before you move anything. 

However, sometimes there are small problems, such as doors with tiny gaps where you can’t get the furniture through. In such cases, you need to take more time and exert more effort, so here are some tips that may help you in such situations.

Measure First

  • The first thing that you need to determine is whether your sofas have a raised lip or not. Some sofas have a lip running along the entire width of the door, while others have raised lip only on the top or bottom part of the door frame. 
  • If you have one of the latter types of sofas, then measure its height exactly, without including the bottom part of it.
  • After you have measured the height of your sofa, go on to the next step. 
  • Find a good tape measure and write down its length exactly, including the space between the door frame and the door, at the same time including the width of the space above and below the door. 
  • Then, take the piece of furniture that you will be moving, and slide it under the door so that it’s between the sofas and the doorway, which should be slightly bigger than the sofas. 
  • Remember, the length of the door frame must be larger than the actual height of the sofa so that you don’t have any problems while carrying it through the threshold.

Use the Widest Path to Move

If you are moving from one room to another or just rearranging furniture around, you may find yourself confronted with the decision to use the wider path or to go through the smaller rooms of the old house or condo. This question often gets people into trouble, especially those who have not moved in quite some time and who are not sure how to make the transition from the large hall to the small den or condo. While you can certainly go through the home or condo’s exterior, which contains all the welcoming sights, smells, and sounds of the exterior, going around it can be quite difficult. You may find yourself moving through dark alleys or overgrown portions of the property that are hard to traverse without getting lost.

  • In order to avoid such problems and to make the move easier, you should consider some details about your current home or condo before you try to move a sofa. 
  • For instance, you should find out whether you can still get access to the building’s main entrance or if you would have to go around the back or front yard. 
  • You should also find out if you would have to remove the sofa completely and re-build it again from scratch. This is something you cannot know until you go around and visit the property. 
  • The best thing you can do in this case is to contact a professional furniture removal service that has experience in handling large items like sofas.
  • A professional removal service can also give you an estimate on how much the move will cost you, including any fees for removing the sofa, dismantling the old house, packing the items, transporting them to the new place, and reinstalling the pieces.
  • These estimates are usually easy to understand and provide a clear picture of what you can expect from the move. 
  • Knowing what you will be paying for will also allow you to better manage your budget. 
  • Moving can be stressful, especially when there are a lot of things to take care of, including pets and children. It is best to use the widest path to move a sofa through a small door to make things easier for everyone.

Remove Doors before your move 

It is not uncommon to find that some doors require you to remove them before you can move a sofa through it. If the door you are removing is in a hallway or similar large area then it might be because this is the only way in which you can access the other parts of the house. 

If it is a bedroom door, then it may be that you will have to remove your clothes before putting them back on so that you can put them back on the hinged door without getting tangled up in any of the loose-hanging fabric. 

Similarly, if you are removing a wardrobe door from the bedroom then you need to remove your shoes before putting your knickers on so that you do not damage the floor. This applies if you are removing a wardrobe door from the hallway as well as the bedroom.

Remove Doors

Before you remove doors from a closet, first make sure that the closet door is in its open position. If it is closed, then take off the door so that you can access the other parts of the closet. 

It is important that you first test whether the closet door opens and closes by pushing it against the wall. 

If it does not open and close smoothly, then you can try removing the handles or locks so that they can be replaced with ones that work smoother. 

You might also want to check whether all the bolts are in their proper positions so that you do not accidentally break any of them while removing doors from closets. Remember that safety should always be your first priority.

If you are removing doors from a bathroom or other room, then first make sure that the room is empty of people and items before you start removing the door. 

You will need to measure the dimensions of the room so that you know how much clearance you will be able to give for the door to slide properly. Once you are done with measuring, remove the door and stand it outside facing the door, so that you can get a better idea of the clearance.

Prepare the Room before you decide moving 

If you have decided to move into a new house, you will have to prepare the sofa and other furnishings in advance. 

  • This includes the removal of any existing furniture, including the wardrobe, bed, and chest of drawers. 
  • You may also need to discard some of your personal items, such as photographs and lamps. 
  • Before you go through the small doors that lead to the rest of the house, make sure the floor is ready by sweeping and mopping it.
  • Clean the sofa before you put it in the moving truck. 
  • Vacuum the cushions and remove any loose dirt. 
  • If you are using a moving truck, ensure that all the shelves are empty of all items except for the ones you plan to transport. 
  • Before putting the sofa in the truck, open all the curtains and lift the valance to let the light shine through. 
  • If you are carrying another piece of furniture, such as a chest of drawers or an armoire, open it to make sure that it is also free of items.
  • Remove any accessories from the room that you do not use regularly. 
  • You may need to get rid of the television set, lamps, and picture frames. 
  • Take these items out of the room before unpacking your belongings so that you can be sure that they are not damaged in transit. 
  • The sofa, on the other hand, can be kept in the room until you have unpacked everything else. This will allow you to arrange the room to be as you see fit.

Tilt and pivot 

Many modern sofas have large sliding doors on them which will allow for easy movement from room to room. These doors are usually hinged at the bottom so that they can be moved into a position that best suits your furniture. 

If you have a large piece of furniture, such as a love seat or loveseat, that you would like to move you can use the pivot door to do this. A small door on the other hand is usually referred to as a lift door, and it allows you to easily lift the piece of furniture. This is something that you should make sure that you look into when you are trying to move something such as this.

  • One of the most popular uses for these is to move them through a small door that is on wheels. This is a very easy task to accomplish and will most likely be much easier than you think. 
  • The only thing that you will need to be careful about is the distance between the door and the tilt of the sofa itself. 
  • If the space is too great, then the sofa itself may not be able to slide through the door properly. 
  • It may also end up falling off if it is not secured properly. In order to avoid such an accident from happening you will need to ensure that the space is large enough to accommodate the size of the sofa that you are planning on moving through.
  • If you are using a lift door to move your furniture through a small door, you will need to be very careful with the weight because it could easily knock down the tilt. 
  • This is something that is very easy to prevent if you use heavier items with your move. 
  • You will want to make sure that you take all of this into consideration before making a decision to use a lift door to move your furniture around.

Tools and Supplies You Will Need 

Bringing additional tools and supplies is recommended especially if you are moving your sofa into a smaller area or if you need to move it more than one time. 

  • The first thing you will need to do is to call a professional. While it is possible for you to move a sofa through a door on your own, it is not something that a lot of people want to attempt. 
  • If you decide to try and move it on your own, be sure to use proper safety precautions. 
  • Make sure that you have a floor that is flat, clean flooring, and a sturdy table to place the sofa on. Make sure that you have someone to assist you as well if you are not sure what you are doing.
  • The last thing you will need to move a sofa through a door is to make sure that you have all the right tools and supplies. 

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