How To Move During A Pandemic?

Although moving was a stressful task, the pandemic has made it even more difficult. Whether you plan to move on your own or hire a professional team to help you, the risk of getting infected is equal in both cases. However, moving on your own would make it even tougher. You have to be attentive and follow some of the safety measures in both cases. If you are planning a move and at the same time concerned about safety and wellbeing during this time, we have some tips and tricks to help you get through this. Some removalists like OZ Interstate Removalists have complete knowledge and experience to move and pack your essentials during this risky time of the pandemic. Our professionals have dealt with hundreds of moves during the virus and ensured every move to be contactless and secure for our valued consumers and our professional staff. This blog will discuss some directions regarding moving during COVID-19 to dismiss myths and encourage the safest possible moves.

Check The Moving Restrictions By Higher Authorities

It is very important to follow local authorities’ guidelines to move uninterruptedly. Make sure that all the people involved in the process of moving and packing are adhering to the Covid-19 safety measures. Check all the restrictions and guidelines imposed by local government officials in your area and the new residence you are about to move to. All these steps will assist you in moving freely without any government interruption.

Choose The Safest Mode Of Conveyance

The safest mode to relocate during a pandemic is using your own private vehicle. The risk of getting infected increases in public transport.

Choose The Safest Mode Of Conveyance

Clean your car properly and also ensure that the moving company you have hired is using clean and fully sanitized vehicles to move your belongings. Some things like wet wipes, face masks, hand sanitizer should be handy with you. Also, keep all the documents like vaccination certificates, self-declaration forms, etc., with you. If you’re traveling with your belongings, you can protect them by sanitizing them and letting them apart for a few days after you arrive. Clean your car properly after relocating because there’s a chance the virus has contaminated it.

Hire A Relocation Company That Adheres To Covid-19 Regulations

It is highly recommended to move with a company that is very particular to follow the safety measures in the pandemic. Relocation Companies were one of the most highly affected business sectors during the pandemic. Ask the professionals to strictly adhere to the covid-19 protocols for the safety and well-being of the company and the client. Try to maintain social distance with the movers while packing and relocating essentials, frequently sanitize your hands, belongings and vehicles you are moving in, wearing face masks, gloves, PPE kits, etc., is significant for both the moving companies and clients. All these safety measures will help you to move and pack safely. OZ Interstate Removalists offers professional and experienced services during the Covid-19 to provide safe and secure move to its valued clients.

Opt for Plastic Totes Over Cardboard Boxes

Choosing plastic boxes over cardboard ones is another trick to move safely during the pandemic. Even though plastic totes may increase your moving budget, they are easy to clean, store, and unpack.

Plastic Totes

You can sanitize these totes using clothes, sprays, etc. Also, you can store them for a long time. Plastics totes are safer to move your belongings as they are waterproof, less prone to insects, durable and reusable.

Pack An Exceptional Moving Backpack For COVID-19

It is always a wise decision to keep a bag of essentials handy while moving. This will lower the chances of becoming infected with the virus. Make sure to keep essentials like face masks, sanitizers, important documents, sufficient water and eatables for the whole day while moving and packing. Visiting and contacting different grocery stores can increase the chances of getting infected. Using a face mask and maintaining social distance during the process must be mandatory.

Ask For Virtual Quotes

In this era of technology, where everything is operated virtually, asking for moving quotations from the relocation firm is another safety measure you can follow to make a safe move during the move. Using apps like skype, FaceTime to show your house virtually to professionals instead of asking them to visit your place would be a wise decision in these times. Try to complete all the documentation and payment process online. The less you contact anyone, the safer you are during the pandemic.

Follow Covid-19 Protocols Before Leaving Old Place & Arriving At New House

Removalists and house owners should follow all updated rules and regulations related to Covid-19.

Follow Covid-19 Protocols Before Leaving Old Place & Arriving At New House

All travel guidelines should be practiced so that no inconvenience occurs at any moving stage. Professional movers wear masks, sanitize their hands after a certain interval and remain equipped with protective equipment. If any of the employees experience any symptoms of Covid, they are advised to take a rest and get a medical check-up. To stop the spread of the virus, you should avoid any contact with movers. After packing all the belongings, movers sanitize every box and moving van to avoid transmission of the virus. Also, proper vaccination should be done before moving. After reaching the destination, you should sanitize all packing boxes. Also, if you have moved overseas in the past weeks, you should communicate this with your movers to make a safe and stress-free move.

Get Quarantined After Move & Get Tested

After you have moved following all the above Covid-19 protocols, there’s still a chance of getting infected during the entire process. It is highly recommended to stay quarantined with your family for some days after you have moved to your new house. Intake proper diet for boosting your immune system. Get yourself tested for covid-19 and sanitize your house and belongings before assembling them. Social distancing is the key to avoid this deadly virus.


All the above safety measures will help you move safely in this time of pandemics. These guidelines will help you consider every factor that ensures your safety and wellbeing. Moving in times of Covid-19 is extremely daunting, but with professional movers and packers like us who are well-aware of all the pandemic protocols, you can make your stress-free and smooth. Contact OZ Interstate Removalists and book a planned and comfortable move. Stay safe and keep moving with OZ Interstate Removalists.

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