Where to Get Free Boxes for Moving?

Where to Get Free Boxes for Moving

Have you planned to move soon? The biggest obstacle troubling you is arranging the boxes for packing your essentials? However, the new boxes are not feasible to purchase. The procedure of relocation is already big-budget, especially when you hire a moving company. And in the midst of a complete process, everyone tends to save every dollar and cent of their hard-earned money. Out of all the moving costs, spending on the moving boxes that are sure to be recycled once the relocation is completed may not be a wise decision. While hiring professional relocation companies like OZ Interstate Removalists, you can also request them to provide you with cardboard boxes. Gratefully there are many ways in which you can purchase used cartons to pack and move your belongings and save your considerable dollars to be spent on the one-time use act. There are numerous communities, websites, retail outlets, and online marketplaces where you can get used cartons and boxes to pack and move your essentials. This blog will take you through various such alternatives through which you can get free boxes and cartons for the relocation of your belongings. Let’s get through it!

Begin By Enquiring From Friends & Relatives

The most convenient way of getting used free boxes is by approaching your friends and relatives who have recently moved.

Begin By Enquiring From Friends & Relatives

The people in your circle who have recently moved can give you labeled cartons or cardboard boxes which will make your relocation more accessible and smooth. You can approach them either through phone call or text message. The most popular way nowadays to convey your message to your friends and relatives is through social media. You can simply post a status on Whatsapp, Facebook, or Instagram, and the ones who have moving boxes can approach you. 

Recycling Drop Off Points

Have you ever gone to a recycling drop-off point? If not, then this is the best time to visit a spot where you can find the treasure of moving boxes.

Recycling Drop Off Points

Almost every city has one or more recycling drop-off spots where corrugated cardboard boxes are gathered. You can visit those recycling points and search from the boxes kept there. The possibility of finding every size box there is higher. You can simply choose the boxes you need to pack your goods depending on the size and quantity of belongings you have to move.

Grocery Markets

Grocery stores or markets receive a lot of boxes on a daily basis for the stock. For perishable goods and other inventory, these grocery or chain stories receive cartons or cardboard boxes almost daily and weekly.


They send a lot of boxes for recycling on a weekly basis. You can approach the manager of a grocery store or departmental market and take some boxes of different sizes depending on the number of goods you have to move and pack to your new residence.

Big Retailers

Many big retailers or large retail outlets have a massive stack of boxes due to shipments coming daily.

Big Retailers

You can find every kind of box there. Just go and pay a visit to any of the local retail outlets like Costco, Walmart, Tesco, etc. and ask the outlet manager to provide you with empty cartons or cardboard boxes of different sizes. Visiting a retail outlet or chain store is one of the most common and convenient ways to get used and free cardboard boxes and not spend your hard-earned money on those containers. 

Online Marketplace- Nextdoor.com

Next door is one of the most popular online marketplaces where you can get moving boxes. The “Classifieds” section of the social site is dedicated to items for sale and free giveaways.

Online Marketplace

Consider it as a neighborhood-wide online garage sale. If the Classifieds section doesn’t have any free moving boxes, simply post what you’re searching for, and your neighbors should answer fast. You can quickly get the moving boxes from the online marketplace of every size, depending on the size of the move. 


This internet marketplace is a famous destination for finding almost anything. Your local Craigslist page is jam-packed with beautiful deals, ranging from furniture for sale to job postings.  In the “Free” area of the website, citizens can even post objects they want to give away. You can also create your ad stating that you’re looking for free cartons and supplies. This online marketplace is the best way to acquire free cardboard boxes for moving and packing your belongings.

Making Use Of Social Media Sites

Users can list and promote products to anybody on the globe through famous social media networking sites. It also makes it simple to locate local things that may be picked up quickly. OZ Interstate Removalists suggest screening the results by location to locate free moving boxes or cartons in your immediate area. Simply type “free boxes” into the search tab on Facebook Marketplace to find free boxes. Social media is the biggest boon nowadays through which you can achieve anything and everything. You can just simply post a status, and people can approach you offering you free and used cardboard boxes and containers.

Stores That Sell Alcoholic Beverages

Do you live near an alcohol shop? It is recommended to approach the store manager if you can pick up some boxes. Liquor businesses receive a flurry of loads that can simply be converted into relocation boxes every month. Take permission from the shop owner or manager.

Stores That Sell Alcoholic Beverages

However, larger alcohol marts receive more boxes without any plan to recycle or reuse them. If you want to get boxes from a local liquor store, inquire about the dates and times they accept deliveries. Arriving early on the delivery day will allow you to grab the cartons you require before anybody else does—and will give you the first choice of available containers.

Consult Your Moving Company

Have you hired a relocation company to handle your move? If that’s the case, double-check the package you opted for. If you use a full-service moving company, you might find that boxes and other packing supplies are included in the price. If you’re unsure about what your package contains, speak with your relocation company and inquire about it. Your removing company may also offer you a deal on the boxes you’ll need for your move, particularly if it’s a big one. Removalist boxes are built explicitly for shifting, which can be advantageous.

Checkout Local Eateries, Particularly Fast-Food Joints

Some cafes, mainly fast-food eateries, receive bulk food supplies inboxes. However, before you choose to pick up cartons from a neighborhood fast-food establishment, give it some thought. Pick containers that do not have a strong odor and do not pose a threat of items leaking. The final thing you want is to spend all of your time and energy packing and moving your belongings only to realize that your essentials like books and clothing all smell eatable! If you utilize restaurant boxes for moving and packing, take care that boxes with a strong food odor may tempt pests.

Bookstore Or A Novelty Store

These retailers, like grocery stores, frequently see a high volume of delivery traffic. Big boxes may arrive on a daily basis, which the retailer must subsequently deconstruct and dispose of.

Bookstore Or A Novelty Store

Ask the management of those stores if they have any containers you can take. If they don’t have them in stock right now, they might be able to tell you when another load is coming in and when you can anticipate picking up those cartons. Keep in mind that container delivery and collection days and periods may vary. These stores are one of the reliable ways to get free and used cartons for your move.

Are you wondering about how to arrange the cardboard boxes when you have decided to move? You can get used cartons and boxes through all the communities and online marketplaces. However, a reliable moving company not only packs and moves your stuff professionally but also gives you expert advice and tricks through which you can make a smooth and economical move. Get in touch with us and allow our skilled and experienced crew to move, pack, load, unload and unpack your essentials and allow our specialized crew to make your move easier and accessible and make a stress-free relocation.

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